Fix Web Site Errors

It's amazing to me that in 2009 there are still so many large company web sites that have HTML or JavaScript errors on them. Most people don't notice them, but if your browser's configuration is set to show errors you will be bombarded with pop-ups complaining about many sites. Moreover, from my experience, it seems like it's often the display ads placed on sites that cause the errors.

If an error-showing browser visits a web site with errors, that site can be more than confusing - it can be unusable because of all of the pop-ups. As such, people with those browser settings tend to avoid these sites, which costs marketers impressions and clicks. It doesn't take much to verify that a site is clean, and the advantage of doing such can be the difference between achieving or not achieving a desired ROI.

Domus is a Philadelphia-based marketing communications agency with strong interactive capabilities. Part of our standard checklist when publishing new content is verifying the pages for errors, as well as viewing the pages in different browsers and at different resolutions. For more information, please visit our web site at