Social Media and Internet Presence Management

These two terms ("Social Media" and "Internet Presence Management") might at first glance seem contrary to each other. However, if embraced in the appropriate spirit, social media is really just an important component of effective internet presence management.

Social media marketing starts with the realization and acceptance that people will be talking about you, your competition, and just about everything else online. It then continues with the marketer embracing the conversations, joining them, encouraging them, and occasionally leading them. Internet Presence Management, on the other hand, is the process of monitoring and guiding the online thoughts about your company or brand. So how can one accept and participate in independent conversations while at the same time managing and guiding those online thoughts?

Internet Presence Management is also about recognizing that independent conversations exist, but it's not about resigning oneself to the complete content, distribution, or frequency of those conversations. Rather, it is the understanding that by honest, dilligent engagement strategies, marketers can expand and highlight the positive impressions of a brand or company.

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