Keeping Employees Motivated with Incentives

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of employee appreciation and making sure office morale is high so your loyal soldiers don’t jump ship. During a recession, that task is much more difficult with salary cuts, layoffs and other ramifications seen throughout businesses across the country. Hefty raises and generous bonuses are unheard of now; however there are ways to keep employees motivated, driven and committed to company success without breaking the bank.

It’s important to give your employees something they will appreciate, such as Lottery tickets, which make great incentives and are inexpensive gifts. For example, instant tickets have great odds so the chance of employees winning is high, driving office excitement. Also, the small token of appreciation is recognized, increasing employee value which in turn drives productivity. In addition, each state lottery has its own local beneficiary, for instance the Pennsylvania Lottery proceeds benefit older Pennsylvanians. So by purchasing tickets, you are contributing to local funding to help support your state.

Incentives are also used to motivate employees to drum up new business. By instituting a friendly office competition aimed at identifying potential new accounts, you motivate employees; bragging rights are priceless.

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