Getting on the Mobile Web Marketing Bandwagon

Mobile internet usage today is exploding. The year-over-year numbers from January, 2008 to January 2009 showed over a doubling of usage. Since then, the introduction of new generations of "smartphones" such as the iPhone have stressed the mobile networks almost more than AT&T's and Verizon's combined $35 billion per year in mobile infrastructure investments can handle. And the trend looks to only point up, with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter being increasingly accessed by mobile devices.

So, as a marketer, what are you doing? At a minimum, this is the time to revisit all of your web properies and ensure that they are mobile-friendly. Other avenues of mobile marketing, including mobile ads, text messages, etc. will all be drastically less effective if you don't have a mobile-friendly web site. Would you ever invest in wired web banner ads without a web site or at least a landing page for users to click through to? The same is true for the mobile web.

So, if you wish to position yourself to take advantage of the mobile web as it explodes throughout 2010 and beyond, your first step should start now - make your web site mobile-friendly.

Domus, Inc. is a full service marketing communications agency based in Philadelphia. One of our priorities for the remainder of this year is to position ourselves and our clients to take advantage of existing and growing mobile marketing opportunities. Please visit our web site at for more.