GM - Consistent Brand Positioning?

GM recently launched its new advertising campaign for Buick with the slogan, "The New Class of World Class". Moreover, Buick ads now prominently feature comparisons against Lexus. (And, in fact, people who are test-driving the 2010 Buick LaCrosse do say that it bests the Lexus ES.)

But how do these ads affect GM's overall brand mix? Cadillac was always the brand the was positioned at the high end. (Cadillac's advertising tagline use to be "The standard of the world.") Over the years, though, Cadillac's luster faded and Toyota seized the high end market position with the Lexus. So, by constantly comparing Buick to Lexus, is GM blurring the brand positions between Buck and Cadillac? If GM is successful in its Buick ads, how does Cadillac position itself?

Cadillac recently did come up with a great ad - for their SRX crossover. The tag line for this ad was "SRX - the Cadillac of crossovers." So Cadillac is finally standing tall and proclaiming its former place at as the world standard. But will they limit this tag line to the SRX or will they make a full frontal assault to regain their status across all models? And will they be fighting a war on two fronts - against Lexus and against their sister brand, Buick?

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