Bing Continues Growth in August

According to Nielsen, Microsoft's Bing dramatically increased its share of the search market in August, increasing over 22% compared to July. Moreover, it appears that Microsoft's gain was principally at Yahoo's expense.

Bing's August, 2009 Growth

This brings several thoughts to mind.

  • It appears that at least one reason for Microsoft's success was their broadbased, aggressive advertising campaign, involving both new and old media. All marketers should take notice - aggressive advertising can still be a potent tool.
  • Yahoo should seriously consider a plan "B" in case their search deal with Microsoft does not go through. Even if Federal regulators do eventually approve the deal, if that process takes too long and Yahoo keeps losing share to Bing, then Microsoft might not be as interesting in completing it - at least not at the original price.
  • Although Google has not yet been affected by Bing's success, they should not get too complacent. Microsoftstill has a number of salvos in their attack. They just released their "Visual Search" feature for Bing and their are rumors of an upcoming Bing 2.0.

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