Marketing Innovation in a Downward Economy - State Lotteries

Robert Budens, President of the Patent Office Professional Association once said, "Innovation is the way America generally gets out of downturns." In today’s economy, to keep your business above water and thriving, you’ll need to implement innovative techniques to help booster sales as well as keep office morale high so your loyal soldiers don’t abandon ship.

There are many innovative ways that can help drive sales and increase brand awareness. For instance in the lottery industry, proceeds are imperative to supporting seniors, funding education and other community programs so it’s important to find new ways to drive sales. The state lotteries could go beyond the traditional to revamp their websites and promote innovative campaigns through social networking sites to broaden their consumer base. Guerilla marketing campaigns are also successful tactics, driving consumers to purchase lottery tickets after witnessing attention-grabbing street promotions on their way to/from work. The possibilities are endless if you can start thinking outside the box, jar or whatever container holds your unconventional ideas captive.

Even though driving sales is top priority, building employee morale is just as important since they are instrumental in a company’s success. Institute friendly office competitions, establish theme days or simply distribute lottery tickets as a token of appreciation. Be as creative or traditional as you like.

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