Google Search Engine Changes

Google just posted on its webmaster blog (help-test-some-next-generation.html) that it would like feedback on a new working version of its search engine. Regardless of how good or bad the changes in the SERP rankings are, there will be changes, and marketers should prepare.

Based on a few quick tests on our agency web site's rank, so far we're happy. We tested 20 of our most tracked keyword phrases and the new Google ranked us higher (better) in 18 of the 20 with one tie. On the other hand, a few other sites we help manage had more mixed results. Interestingly, the difference between the better performing sites and keywords vs. the worse performing ones was related to the consistency of blogging efforts. The sites that had the related blogs with the most frequent posts fared better with Google's new engine.

The above results are preliminary, and as such we will dig deeper and then if necessary adjust our tactics accordingly. All advertising agencies should be doing likewise with their clients. For more information on Domus, please visit our web site.

  1. Comment by Anonymous on 9/2/09, 3:08 AM

    care to post any specifics about good and bad - what use to work, and what is working better now that didn't before?

  2. Comment by Marc - Strategic Consulting on 9/2/09, 7:40 AM

    From our smaller sample of tests, it appears that Google's new engine is giving more weight to inbound links with good contextual key phrases. Ans specifically, it seems that links from major blog sites are more important.