Bing - Microsoft's Integrated Marketing Success

Everyone has heard of Bing, Microsoft's newly branded and revamped search engine. And everyone is aware of the statistics, that Bing had an impressive first week and its success has continued into its second week. And everyone's still talking about it. (Do a quick search for "Bing" on blog sites, news sites, etc. People are talking about Bing's success, what it means for Google, what it means for Yahoo, etc.)

What I find especially interesting, though, is how well Microsoft has coordinated its marketing efforts to launch Bing. They've had ads running on TV, replayable on the internet. They have a huge PR campaign feeding releases and news bits to the press and other online sites. They have new micro-sites promoting and explaining it. (See and They have a Twitter account for Bing as well as a Facebook account. And they haven't stopped. In fact, Steve Ballmer just reaffirmed Microsoft's long-term financial commitment to making Bing a success.

Separate from the (obviously important) fact that Microsoft has lots of money to invest in all aspects of its marketing, the methodology that they've been using shows a very capable, strategically coordinated effort. Kudos to them from a marketing perspective.

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  1. Comment by Peter on 6/20/09, 5:39 AM

    I think Bing could do well.. Will need a while to become established and well known tho. Microsoft need to prove themselves here. Visit my site if you want to contact me